Applying Obama’s Wisdom to the Church

5/29 No matter our political persuasion, I trust we can all agree that President Barack Obama is a remarkable orator of a kind we have not seen in a long time. Why? I think it’s at least partially because he knows how to build unity and a sense of belonging among his vastly diverse listeners […]

Living up to Jonathan Edwards

5/22 “Are you really a descendent of Jonathan Edwards, the angry God guy? That’s what they are telling me in the newsroom,” asked Dennis Roddy, a Sunday columnist at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette when he called me several years ago after I presided at a wedding for two women. Jonathan Edwards has loomed large in my […]

Jesus Loves Me This I Know

5/8 “How do I tell the young woman who was baptized and grew up under our eyes, bravely came out at age 19, and still comes to church that she is not “qualified” to serve?” An elder in the San Francisco presbytery asked me this in response to a recent blog post about the defeat […]

Evolving Towards Inclusion

4/26 No matter what the outcome in the vote among Presbyterians to remove the fence keeping faithful GLBT people from consideration for ordained ministry, things will never be the same. The shift from exclusion in 2001 to acceptance in 2009 in 27 presbyteries (including places as surprising as west Texas and West Virginia) indicates a […]

God’s Odd Choices

4/17 With Holy Week and Easter written in the Book of Life, my church, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), returns to voting on an amendment to our church constitution which, if passed, would open the way for faithful, gifted and called GLBT Presbyterians to be ordained. The results on Easter stand thus: 65 Yes, 82 No […]