Professor George Hunsinger and the Courage to Tackle Torture

I met George Hunsinger years ago, when I was a seminary student at Yale and he was a teaching assistant in religious studies there. I confess I was a little intimidated by George back then, but we met again a few years ago and I found we share a passion for justice. George is now a Professor of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary and is someone I consider a good friend.

How Straight People Can Help

6/26 A great question was asked at the American Shorts @ WYEP event during Pride Week here in Pittsburgh recently: “Where did the term ‘straight’ come from, and how can straight people help in the effort for GLBT equality?” I learned an immense amount from the answers offered to this crucial question. First, what does […]

Applying Obama’s Wisdom to the Church

5/29 No matter our political persuasion, I trust we can all agree that President Barack Obama is a remarkable orator of a kind we have not seen in a long time. Why? I think it’s at least partially because he knows how to build unity and a sense of belonging among his vastly diverse listeners […]