How Wide Is Our Welcome?

How we see God at work in this may vary but we can pause for a moment on the blessed common ground of acknowledging God at work in the church and the world in this vote. We can join together in keeping our eyes on God’s presence and inspiration and move ahead.

The Presbyterian Thing to Do

6/25 I had the immense privilege last Sunday to preach at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Knowing that their pastor, Chester Topple, identified the church as “fiercely Presbyterian,” I began the sermon by asking this wonderful congregation, “What is the essential quality of being Presbyterian?” The first one of many to […]

End “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in the PCUSA, too

6/4 As I watched the historic steps taken last week toward the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – the policy that bans GLBT people from serving openly in our country’s military – I was reminded of the Presbyterian Church’s policies concerning those called to serve the church. Successful service in the military and the […]

The Spirit Sets Us Free to Accept Ourselves

5/28 Imagine what it would be like to have heard your whole life that God doesn’t love you for who you are. Now, imagine sitting in church on Pentecost Sunday, reading the section on the Holy Spirit from The Brief Statement of Faith (1983) and hearing the entire church repeat these words: “The Spirit sets […]

Weddings Have Begun in D.C… What Now?

3/12 Last week the District of Columbia began accepting applications for marriage licenses from GLBT couples and, this week, after a mandatory waiting period, the weddings have begun. Now, amidst the first celebrations, the question is being asked again, as it was in Massachusetts, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and, for a time, California: What […]

From Where Does Your Passion Arise?

2/26 I was recently asked by a new minister friend about how I received the calling to speak out for GLBT inclusion in the church or, as he phrased it, “From where does your passion arise?” I can’t remember anyone asking me this before. What came to my mind were people. First, I thought of […]

Ted Olson, the Bible and the Constitution

1/22 The federal trial of Perry vs. Schwarzenegger began last week in a San Francisco courtroom. Many have been amazed to discover that George W. Bush’s former Solicitor General, Ted Olson is leading this challenge to the constitutionality of Prop 8, California’s ban on marriage for two men or two women. The developments during the […]

Lamu Shows How Diversity Can Work

1/15 I was actually traveling in Africa when the controversy over draconian laws against gays and lesbians in Uganda appeared in my e-mail inbox. Since my son started as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2008, I had worked toward visiting him during his service in Africa. The highlight was a week on the coast of […]

Reforming Santa Claus

12/25 May this Christmas be a blessed day for you! I confess that, as a mother, I played down Santa Claus with my children. We never went to the mall for pictures or the chance to give Santa a list of things they wanted. When they asked about Santa I would always say, “There is […]

Lisa Larges Approved for Ordination, But

11/13 On Tuesday, the San Francisco Presbytery voted to approve Lisa Larges for ordination and to validate her leadership of That All May Freely Serve. This merits both a muted hazzah and a long moment of deep prayer. For 23 years Lisa has remained steadfast in her sense of call to ordained ministry in the […]