What Do the Anderson/Larges Decisions Mean for the Church?

This past Tuesday, the highest ranking court in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission, rendered decisions in cases concerning the long-awaited ordinations of two devout Presbyterians; Scott Anderson who is gay and Lisa Larges who is lesbian.

How Wide Is Our Welcome?

How we see God at work in this may vary but we can pause for a moment on the blessed common ground of acknowledging God at work in the church and the world in this vote. We can join together in keeping our eyes on God’s presence and inspiration and move ahead.

The Essentials of Life in the Church

10/1 The Synod of the Pacific Permanent Judicial Commission’s decision to uphold the vote of San Francisco Presbytery to ordain Lisa Larges is now written in the book of life. The decision is worth reading prayerfully in its entirety. The decision, especially the opinion of those who dissented, prompted me to recall the summary of […]

Lisa Larges Approved for Ordination, But

11/13 On Tuesday, the San Francisco Presbytery voted to approve Lisa Larges for ordination and to validate her leadership of That All May Freely Serve. This merits both a muted hazzah and a long moment of deep prayer. For 23 years Lisa has remained steadfast in her sense of call to ordained ministry in the […]