Everyone in Every Church is in the Same Pickle

According to my daily calendar that features an uplifting quotation in the spirit of “Keep Calm and Carry On,” American lieutenant general Lewis “Chesty” Puller was the one who first said, “We’re all in the same pickle.” It came to my mind as I pondered a provocative comment by a conservative pastor friend of mine.

A True Fellowship

This week, two Presbyterian groups will be looking for solutions that will comfort conservative Presbyterians who are anxious about the church, and today, I write with a solution that I hope they consider.

People of Faith in Netroots Nation

7/30 I admit that as I prepared to moderate the panel on Common Values: Building Bridges with People of Faith to Win Progressive Change at Netroots Nation, one of my assumptions was that progressives might be uncomfortable sharing their “tent” with people of faith. I heard these same thoughts from the panelists the night before […]

Progressive Faithful Finding Our Voice

7/23 Settling in at the Netroots Nation conference where I will moderate a panel tomorrow is a challenge for me today. In this progressive community I am distinctly a person of faith, and I am acutely aware of how long it has been since the progressive religious voice has had a champion in the American […]

Conversation with Michelle, the Atheist

8/21 The fourth Netroots Nation Conference is now written in the Book of Life. It was a wonderfully thought-provoking experience for me, and being a speaker was an honor for which I am deeply grateful. (You can see for yourself how lively the discussion was about the separation of church and state and progressives’ use […]

Share Your Ideas for My Upcoming Talk at Netroots

Dear Friends, I so hope this finds you well on a lovely summer day! You know I have been a blogger just since March and now have an opportunity veterans gasp over: I am to be a speaker on a panel at Netroots Nation, the annual mecca for progressive bloggers, which is being held in […]