The Special Committee on Civil Union and Christian Marriage Bring It On

7/10 In response to several overtures concerning marriage and families, the 2008 PCUSA General Assembly did the very Presbyterian thing: they asked the Moderator to appoint a Special Committee to study the matter. That committee was formed in the winter and began its work with a strong desire to take advantage of modern technology to […]

Now We Have To Talk

6/5 Last week marked two major milestones in church and American society in the ongoing conversation about the place of GLBT people in our midst. In my Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) the discernment and voting season ended when the last presbytery voted on whether our church should allow openly gay and lesbian people to be ordained. […]

Applying Obama’s Wisdom to the Church

5/29 No matter our political persuasion, I trust we can all agree that President Barack Obama is a remarkable orator of a kind we have not seen in a long time. Why? I think it’s at least partially because he knows how to build unity and a sense of belonging among his vastly diverse listeners […]

God’s Odd Choices

4/17 With Holy Week and Easter written in the Book of Life, my church, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), returns to voting on an amendment to our church constitution which, if passed, would open the way for faithful, gifted and called GLBT Presbyterians to be ordained. The results on Easter stand thus: 65 Yes, 82 No […]