My Believe Out Loud Piece: A Challenge From LGBTQ Fly Over Country

Even as we strive to emulate God’s infinite love, embracing and welcoming all as they are, we sometimes falter. Bisexuality invisibility is one instance of that faltering. During this Bisexual Awareness Week, I felt called to share my thoughts on how we too often “fly over” the B in LGBT in a recent post for Believe Out Loud:

I speak up now out of feeling acutely — right now — how bisexual people are the marginalized of the marginalized. We live in LGBTQ fly over country. As we work this week toward increased bisexual visibility, please hear my cry!

To go down the letters in LGBTQ, there is continued discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodation against lesbian and gay people, the horrendous threat of violence toward transgender people, and the needs of those who identify as queer: mental health problems, bullying, substance abuse and risky behavior.

There are other marginalized groups in crucial need of attention: Black Lives Matter!

I confess I am sometimes tempted to fly over the B in LGBTQ myself. But not today.

You can find the the full text for my piece over at Believe Out Loud. Particularly during these last couple of days of Bisexual Awareness Week, I implore you to hear and answer my cry by lifting up the stories of the B in LGBT. And as always, I eagerly await your reflections. Have you noticed bisexual invisibility in your life or in the lives of your loved ones? What do you think can be done?

Photo credit: Peter Salanki via flickr

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