My Believe Out Loud Post: ”Bisexual Privilege?” No—Just the Opposite!

When I wrote about my “straight privilege”
for Believe Out Loud during Holy Week this year, some readers took issue with what they interpreted as a message that Bi folk have it easy.

It couldn’t be further from the truth. Bisexual people face higher rates of suicide, illness and poverty than their gay and lesbian peers, not to mention constant skepticism about their identity.

In honor of Bisexual Awareness Day and #BiWeek, I share with you my recent post for Believe Out Loud,“‘Bisexual Privilege?’ No—Just the Opposite!”

Here is an excerpt from the post which can be found on Believe Out Loud’s blog:

Consider with me why bisexual people—those who acknowledge we can love others of our own gender and of gender other than our own—face this kind of difficulty and trouble. I have experienced arch skepticism from lesbians and straight people alike who seem to presume that I am a coward, unable to admit that I am really lesbian.

How do you view this issue of privilege? I encourage you to head over to Believe Out Loud and share your thoughts.

Image via flickr user Rick Kenrick

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