Remember I Am With You Always

Text: Matthew 28:16-20
To whom have you proclaimed the Gospel recently, near or far?
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The Prayer of Faith Will Save the Sick

Text: James 5:13-18
Does your experience in prayer fit with James’ or with my caution? How?
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Because of His Persistence He Will Get Up

Text: Luke 11:1-13
When have you kept knocking at God’s door and God finally answered?
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Whoever Does These Things is Abhorrent to God

Text: Deuteronomy 18:9-14
What do you do each day that God may not permit?
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Let Both of Them Grow Together

Text: Matthew 13:24-34a
What practices in the church might we stop, in light of this story?
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May the God of Hope Fill You With All Joy

Text: Romans 15:1-13
From what church strife do you hope the Spirit will deliver you?
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O Sing to God a New Song

Text: Psalm 96
Is joyful gladness your response to the conviction that God will judge us with truth?
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We Will All Stand Before the Judgment Seat

Text: Romans 14:1-12
Paul challenges us, as he did the Romans: “Why do you pass judgment on your brother or your sister?”
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Where Is Your Faith?

Text: Luke 8:16-25
What does this story have to do with our faith in Christ?
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Live Peaceably With All

Text: Romans 12:1-21
Who are your adversaries and how do you treat them?
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