Whoever Does These Things is Abhorrent to God

This meditation is based on a passage for May 30, 2011 in the Daily Lectionary Year 1 from the Book of Common Worship for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (1993).

Text: Deuteronomy 18:9-14

Reflection and Question: For a while now, I have started each day by recalling the Ten Commandments. This has helped me to be more mindful of how I may violate them. The preacher here has a similar purpose. All of the behaviors he declares to be abhorrent to God reflect worship of another god than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The most important thing is to “remain completely loyal to the Lord your God.” We may have no interest in the specific activities warned against here but still need to be attentive to the main point, that God requires for us to be loyal. What do you do each day that God may not permit?

Prayer: Most powerful God, we rely upon Your promise that desiring to please You pleases You. We may not practice divination or cast spells but it still may be that we worship other gods, make idols, and take Your name in vain. Forgive us all. Amen.