The Story of a Reluctant Activist

I call this video, “The Story of a Reluctant Activist.” It’s also the public gift of recognition to a reluctant recipient. That’s me. In gratitude for the Three Rivers Community Foundation Champions of Change Award, I tell here some of my story. TRCF also announced that evening the creation of an LGBT Endowment Fund to provide resources to Pittsburgh organizations doing good in our LGBT community.

That evening, I had returned only two hours earlier from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly where pastors like me were permitted to officiate at same-sex weddings in states where marriage of these couples is legal. Pennsylvania, our state, had joined this group by federal court decision on May 20, only a month before.

I was very vulnerable that day.

Not only was I very tender from awareness of the long hard work it took to bring this freedom to marry to my state and my church. The week at the General Assembly was especially tense because the outcomes were unknown. I also was shy about receiving an award when I know so many unsung heroes worked longer and harder than I did to bring in this new day.

But there are still new tomorrows that need to be created, as I remind us in this presentation, so the need for activists, reluctant or otherwise, continues. Perhaps my story will prompt you to tell your story, to find your way into action. I hope so.

Let me know if it does.

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  • Tilly on May 17, 2017

    So pleased for your club after years in the wilderness !A wonderful achievement all rodLn.nookiug forward to seeing your team at Horsham on 4th December.May the best team win.

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