The Privilege is Ours to Share in the Loving

It is a privilege to be Jesus’ arms and legs in this world. At the same time, our spirits can falter at the challenge of sharing our faith in Jesus Christ. For many of us it is not something we ever thought would be needed in our neighborhood. We are shocked how often now those we know have no knowledge or experience of God in Christ or had a bad experience with the church. It takes courage to witness—this prayer becomes ours.

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, the privilege is ours to share in the

loving, healing, reconciling mission of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, in this age and wherever we are. Since without you we can do no good thing,

May your Spirit make us wise;
May your Spirit guide us;
May your Spirit strengthen us;

So that we will be:

Strong in faith,
Discerning in proclamation,
Courageous in witness,
Persistent in good deeds.

This we ask in the name of the Father.

Church of the Province of the West Indies from An African Prayer Book selected by Desmond Tutu, p. 96

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  • Ilir on March 2, 2016

    Ok let me start off by wiping the tears away ..Jessica waitchng this video makes me think back on all the years we grew up together an how you have become to be such a beautiful young lady!! Jerome, you are an amzing person that i have become to know and that has recently been added to our big family. I still consider Jess my sister no matter what! LOL, You all are perfect together and this film is AMAZING Did I say amazing?? I wish you both LOVE, LAUGHTER and a happy marriage! THis video is awesome and I’m looking very forward to seeing the rest.. LOve you guys!!

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