The Pittsburgh Presbytery 14F Vote: Participating in a Miracle

It has been some weeks now since 14F passed in the Pittsburgh Presbytery. I confess that that day, and the many leading up to it, have been a blur. I can hardly believe how far we have come as a community. And I cannot help but pray in thanks for the evidence that more and more loving LGBT couples will be welcomed in their church families.

As my thoughts settle, and as we draw near to 14F coming into effect, I have felt called to write on that historic day and the miracle I am blessed to have witnessed. I offer my testimony to the More Light Presbyterian blog and share an excerpt here:

The ballots were marked, passed to the aisle and carried out to be counted. When I saw the Stated Clerk return to the front of the church I knew the outcome was known. She slipped the announcement in between items of business. “All the motions passed,” she said. (We voted that day on all the overtures except The Belhar Confession). Then she sat down. It took a moment for this to register. All the motions…that means 14F…14F must have passed…how could this possibly be?

I invite you to read the full post on More Light Presbyterian’s blog and look forward to your comments and reflections below. How did you experience the passing of 14F in your own presbytery? How did that experience feel for you?

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