My Believe Out Loud Piece: A Confession Of A Bisexual Granted Straight Privilege

Holy Week offers itself to us as a time for prayerful reflection and examination of our actions, but also as a chance to engage in the Christian tradition of confession. Over the course of this past year, I have become especially aware of the straight privilege I am granted through my marriage to a man—even […]

This Holy Week, Could Our Losses Bring Us Together?

Holy Week always invites such an intense mixture of feelings. There is the raucous fun of Palm Sunday, the contention of the debates with the powers that be, apprehension at Jesus’ predictions of what is to come, the intimacy of the upper room, the anguish of the trial and execution, the mournful pause on Saturday—dwelling on the loss and holding at bay the exhilaration of Easter. With this wealth of emotion, Holy Week is really a microcosm of life.