Fulfilling the Great Commission

This passage is what is known as the Great Commission. It is the call from Jesus to spread His message and deeds into the time and place that we are in, today. If we, as Christians, are to fulfill this commission, we must be relevant to the concerns of our time, using any tools that we can, despite the obstacles that may be in our way, and drawing upon our faith that Jesus walks with us in this quest.

My Thoughts on God’s Will for the PCUSA in 2012

Earlier this month I wrote about looking back on 2011. Now I’d like to reflect on what I hope is ahead for the church in 2012. What do you see God having in store for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) this coming year?

A Conversation with Archbishop Desmond Tutu

After reading Archbishop Tutu’s letter I was moved by the Holy Spirit to reach out to try and continue this important conversation. I could only imagine how busy the Archbishop is, so when I asked him to join me in the regular conversation series I host on www.TimeToEmbrace.com, I was surprised and deeply humbled when he agreed to my request.