Praying that the Supreme Court of the United States Feels the Love

Who can deny that the heart of marriage is the love and commitment between the partners? Can you? So, it makes perfect sense to me that public opinion in the United States has moved inexorably toward supporting marriage for same-sex couples. Many who are joining a growing number of Americans in support of the freedom to marry have moved there by knowing couples like my friends, Ralph and Van.

How Mark 10:2-12 and Matthew 19:3-9 Inform My Faith: How My Uncles Help Me Live It

On December 16, 2012 my Uncle John died. It is only recently that I have slid comfortably into calling John “uncle.” John was, from before I was born, the beloved “friend” of my father’s oldest brother, my Uncle George. Uncle George passed away in 2000 at the age of 89. They lived in California, so growing up, I knew them only from visits to Pittsburgh – mostly in the fall to enjoy the change of seasons. I have spoken of them often, but not by name. As they have both gone on to Jesus, I think I can now.

Ted Olson, the Bible and the Constitution

1/22 The federal trial of Perry vs. Schwarzenegger began last week in a San Francisco courtroom. Many have been amazed to discover that George W. Bush’s former Solicitor General, Ted Olson is leading this challenge to the constitutionality of Prop 8, California’s ban on marriage for two men or two women. The developments during the […]

The Manhattan Declaration on Marriage

11/18 In my last post responding to the Manhattan Declaration, I emphasized the need for progressives to reclaim our Christian heritage and values. So it is interesting to note that one of the key Bible passages cited in the declaration’s section on marriage is the story of the wedding at Cana — the very same […]

Faith in the Movement for GLBT Equality

11/6 I confess that in the first hours after the election results in Maine were known, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. As the returns came in, way past my bedtime, I watched the No on 1 party in Bangor and followed the streaming chat room alongside. Especially powerful for me were […]

A Shout Out for Iowa!

4/8/09 Here’s a shout out for the Iowa Supreme Court which ruled that equal rights in Iowa requires that two men or two women who seek a marriage license have the same right to one as heterosexual couples and to the leaders of the Iowa legislature who immediately embraced this decision as good for Iowa! […]