My Christian Century Post: Standing with LGBT people around the world

In June at the General Assembly, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) unanimously adopted a stance of solidarity with LGBT people facing persecution and criminalization around the world. It was an important, overdue step forward. In 81 countries where homosexuality is illegal, God’s global family includes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who face persecution for simply being who they are, for whom they love, and with whom they create a family.

As I write in my recent piece for The Christian Century, it is time for all Christians, not just Presbyterians, to act with compassion and stand in solidarity with people across the world suffering because of who they are:

When it comes to accepting LGBT relationships, these cooperating congregations can come from various places on the spectrum. Surely we can all agree that LGBT people do not deserve to live in fear of prison or death. Compassion for these sufferers can be common ground in the midst of any differences we may have related to LGBT people.

You can the full piece and my thoughts on how Christians can make a positive impact abroad at The Christian Century. There is much to be done. Will you join us? What ideas do you have for supporting LGBT people in other countries?

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