My Believe Out Loud Piece – Beyond Either/Or: How I Am Bisexual Everywhere & All The Time

So often I have encountered misconceptions about bisexuality—that bisexuals “become” straight or gay depending on the gender of our partner. In fact, I do not live an either/or life; I am simply bi, always and everywhere, wholly content to dwell in the complexity of the both/and experience. What does that look like? I recently wrote about this issue for Believe Out Loud.

Here is an excerpt from the post which can be found on Believe Out Loud’s blog:

For me, the beauty of bisexuality is in the both/and experience. Identifying as bi allows me to further explore the reality that the Divine and the human are comprised of male AND female. Being sensitive to both/and allows me to encounter the immensely complex nature of God and of humans, who are made in God’s image.

I encourage you to continue reading this post and to offer your own reflection. Where else do you see this either/or mentality?

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