My Believe Out Loud Piece: A Pentecost Story: The Spiritual Side of Being Bi

I am grateful to share with you today my latest Believe Out Loud blog post, where I make connections between being “bi” in both spirit and body, as well as the quality of empathy I see in the Holy Spirit that fills the people on this day of Pentecost.

Here is an excerpt from the post which can be found on Believe Out Loud’s blog:

“There is a comfort that comes with being able to check one box. Likewise, living outside of an either/or paradigm can cause discomfort for many. I am happily and faithfully married to my husband of 32 years. At the same time, it doesn’t bother me that I am unable to check one box (nor has it bothered my husband for that matter). What I see in myself is how this extends to my spirit, giving me this ability to delight in empathy.”

I encourage you to continue reading this post and to offer your own thoughts. If you feel inspired, please share my piece with your friends.

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