How You Can Help to Restore the Presbyterian Way


Today, I received my copy of The Presbyterian Outlook in the mail which has on its back cover an advertisement from More Light Presbyterians that makes the heartfelt case for voting Yes on Amendment 10-A for our Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Amendment 10-A Presbyterian Outlook

I think this ad is wonderful and striking. As a Samaritan, the woman at the well referenced above was considered unclean and heretical in her times, yet Jesus called her to ministry. Today, Amendment 10-A gives us the opportunity to follow Jesus’ example in our own times.

It is up to us to challenge the bias against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) faithful that is currently in our church and culture. We must affirm the calls from those who are gifted for ministry in our communities – just as Jesus did for the woman at the well.

We can do this in a variety of ways. Most important is for all of us to step up and talk to voting members in our Presbyterian communities. They need to hear from us about why we believe they should vote Yes on this important Amendment. Talk to your minister and elders or host a coffee hour or seminar at your church. Many useful and important resources to start these conversations are available here:

You can also get involved through cyberspace, by connecting with More Light Presbyterians, That All May Freely Serve, and Covenant Network. You can join these organizations, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and share their resources – including the More Light Presbyterians ad – with your own network. Bruce Reyes-Chow also has a project going on his blog called “PresbyMEME” which I recently participated in. If you are in a Presbytery that is voting soon, please see his list of questions and help by adding your voice to the conversation.

Also, please consider writing a letter to the editor to the Presbyterian Outlook, Presbyterian Layman, Presbyweb, or even to your local paper. Our individual voices, taken together, have so much power to change hearts and minds.

You can also join the movement that is knitting rainbow scarves. If I can learn to knit, so can you!

And finally, pray and hope that our church follows Jesus’ example and passes Amendment 10-A this year.


Reverend Janet

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