For Courage in Christ’s Mission

The intensity of this prayer seems way beyond the routines and commitments of my life. And yet, to proclaim the Gospel in our time and place may, indeed, need such faith. We can pray for this devotion to be evident in our church and then see what happens. God could answer our prayer with amazing activity among us.

O God, show us clearly the heart of the kingdom of God.
We do not protest
even if our life is destined to lead to the cross,
or if the way leads to our losing our lives.
We will march in the face of distress and contrary winds.
Teach us how to dispense with unnecessary things.
Let us go forward without fear of death
in order to fulfill our mission simply, surely, and steadily.
Reveal to us our station clearly,
And strengthen us to teach and guide, by our example, all persons,
even those who are ruled by evil.
We pray that you may find us worthy to work through us. Amen.

By Toyohiko Kagawa (1888-1960), from the Book of Common Worship, p. 807

One Response
  • Ann on March 6, 2012

    I find my self shedding a few tears in worship lately. I am moved by the needs of the world, the beauty of sincere and broken hearts coming together to seek God. I am moved by the old lady who has forgotten how to whisper and the child who is still learning who disrupt the predictable and take us into Grace. I weep with joy that I serve and am served. We are the crowds who hear Jesus say, “The kingdom of God is among you.”

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