A Pastoral Prayer For Healing

The following is a prayer to bring people together – to offer unity, healing and strength through Christ’s love.

Holy God, we are yearning today. As members of the Church we are yearning for your love and light to guide us to a place of sharing Christ’s love.

“There is a yearning in hearts that in the darkness hide — a yearning for tomorrow.”

In hearts that beat as one in your church, we pray for your gentle hand to lead us toward tomorrow together. At this moment in our church we all know fear, though it may rise from different depths. We all need your comfort and your care.

Comfort, we pray, those among us who belong to the LGBT community. Free these, your children, from the anxiety of what may come when others know them as they are: the hate language, discrimination and disenfranchisement so common for so long from so many.

Comfort, we pray, those among us who struggle to express their love, in the midst of what scripture teaches them about Your love and what they see as Your judgment of LGBT people. These, your children, also fear judgment by others, both within and beyond the church. Free them from fear of coercion or backlash.

We are all searching for the open arms and hearts of inclusion and ALL that means. We all in the PCUSA yearn for a tomorrow where your love surrounds and fills us. Searching for a demonstration, O Christ, of YOUR love, as you dwell and guide us to that place of love, we cry out for your help to make that place real!

We seek your presence, O Christ, in our yearning to be as one, that you may heal shattered hearts and broken lives, holding hands and hearts as your very own.

Christ, our Healer, in the shadows of our soul we call in your light to illuminate our way, guiding us to embrace all your beloved children including those who may see things differently from us. May our study of Scripture, inspired by your Holy Spirit, show us how to go and what to do, in accord with your loving will.

First born of creation, shine your light of love and will into our beings and enable us, through your Spirit, to hold together these concerns for all your children. Make us your light — help us to find our way, being always your love and light, as the Church in the world.

Teach us, O Christ, how to shine forth with love NOW. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Rev. Rae Hodge is a parish associate with Community House Presbyterian Church.

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