A Lenten Pause to Give Up and Question

Christ’s Lenten lesson for us may simply be this: our listening to one another has not, and may never, bring us to agreement on things that are important to us, but it does bring us together to have an honest, heartfelt conversation.
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It is My Joy to Introduce You to My Uncles

They were a couple committed to one another in a time where they faced severe stigma.
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How John 8:1-11 Informs My Faith

Jesus wonderfully shows us how to withhold our judgment in John 8:1-11. Just as this story of the woman taken in adultery is controversial as Scripture because it does not appear in the earliest manuscripts, it is also, perhaps, controversial in its point.
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Last Weekend Marked the Return of the Mainline Presbyterian

Will this great ship that is the Mainline continue to head to the edge? Will it fall over into oblivion? What wind is needed to turn our sails around?
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The right and wrong place for personal religious views

Washington Post On Faith: Personal religious views cannot and should not prevent a woman from having access to a legal, medical procedure. I trust that left, right, center, religious and secular all agree upon this fundamental principle of our constitution. Continue reading
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Christ Has No Body On Earth But Ours

Christ has no body on earth but ours; Ours are the only hands which Christ can use to work, Ours are the only feet with which Christ can go about the world, Ours are the only eyes through which Christ’s compassion can shine forth upon a troubled world. Christ has no body on earth now […]
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The Bible Supports Same-Gender Marriage

Huffington Post: Progressives of faith need not flee from the Bible in order to stand up for the beauty, truth and goodness of love. God is giving us this job to do. We sin when we shirk it. Continue reading
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Freedom is a human idea — Alleluia!

Washington Post On Faith: This may be the moment the USA steps fully into the 21st century, shedding the polarities of the Cold War and its child, the War on Terror. Continue reading

The Christian Calling — Resistance and Love

For most of last week and through the weekend, I was in Minneapolis, Minnesota, attending “Creating Change,” the 23rd annual conference held by the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce. Within the conference was an entire track of workshops and gatherings for people of faith called ‘Practice Spirit, Do Justice.’ I will be processing for a […]

Arlo Duba’s Forsaking of Smugness

I hope that the courageous statement on LGBT equality in the church by Rev. Dr. Arlo Duba in the January 24, 2011 issue of The Presbyterian Outlook is widely read and pondered upon. It has certainly provoked much reflection on my part. For me, and perhaps for you as well, one of the many remarkable […]