An Easter Avalanche of Good News


We woke to snow on the ground the other day in my neck of the woods so avalanche comes to mind as we’ve watched both Vermont and the District of Columbia follow the good news of Iowa with civil recognition of GLBT relationships as marriage.

The Vermont legislature overrode the Governor’s veto upholding the first legislation in the country to include GLBT couples in marriage, and the District of Columbia established the practice found also in New York whereby the marriages of GLBT couples in other states will be honored in DC should such couples move there. Two men or two women married in Iowa will receive all the rights accorded to married couples in the District of Columbia.

This is an avalanche of good news!

Despite the cold winds threatening the blooming magnolia trees in my neighborhood, this is Easter news for my GLBT friends and their families. For the parents of GLBT children I know, this news holds the promise that all their children, both gay and straight, will have the same rights and responsibilities before the law in their married relationships. And many of my GLBT friends never thought they would see the day in which their love and commitment would be sanctioned by any structure of our culture. For my Christian friends this is a miracle; this is God’s doing.

While my church and others struggle to include their GLBT children, God has found a way to show us God’s embrace of these GLBT couples. God is inspiring these judges and politicians to bring the good news to us all that God also blesses GLBT marriages. So this is truly an Easter moment where God’s grace is breaking through, this time via the secular states of DC, Vermont and Iowa.

May this Easter springing forth of life build like an avalanche of God’s love and justice for our GLBT loved ones. And may it sweep the Church along with it.

Rev. Janet

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