You Crown the Year With Your Bounty

This meditation is based on a passage for October 8, 2010 in the Daily Lectionary Year 2 from the Book of Common Worship for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (1993).

Text: Psalm 65

Reflection and Question: Harvest is the perfect time of year to sing this song of praise to God for the bounty of the earth, for God’s power and for God’s gracious care. There are so many beautiful phrases in this psalm — read it and enjoy the ones that jump out at you. Today the one that sparks my imagination is this: “You make the gates of the morning and the evening shout for joy.” My mind conceives the flare of the sunrise and the glow of sunset and I marvel at the idea that these are shouts of sheer joy at God’s beautiful creation. What comes to your mind when you ponder God’s goodness?

Prayer: The pastures of the wilderness overflow, the hills gird themselves with joy,
The meadows clothe themselves with flocks, the valleys deck themselves with grain,
They shout and sing together for joy.
(The New Oxford Annotated Bible, Psalm 65:12-13)