To Cry From the Heart

This meditation is based on a passage for October 5, 2010 in the Daily Lectionary Year 2 from the Book of Common Worship for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (1993).

Text: Hosea 7:8-16

Reflection and Question: In this passage, Hosea comments harshly upon the behavior of “Ephraim,” the Northern Kingdom, also known as Israel. After defeat and exile, this area eventually became known as Samaria. This kingdom’s long rivalry with Judea is reflected in the New Testament, both in the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman and the story Jesus tells of the Good Samaritan. In the end, though rivals, the sins of both kingdoms were the same and eventually both were destroyed. One of their sins was inauthentic prayer — what Hosea calls “wailing in their beds,” rather than to “cry to me from the heart.” How would you characterize your prayer to God?

Prayer: Mighty God, through Hosea, You condemn Israel and all who are like it in their pride and rebellion. You promise to redeem but they still speak lies. Hear the cry from our hearts that You spare us from the fate of Israel. Hear our prayer. Amen.