Moses and Aaron Speak with Pharaoh for the First Time

This meditation is based on a passage for March 23, 2010 in the Daily Lectionary Year 2 from the Book of Common Worship for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (1993).

Text: Exodus 5:1-6:1

Reflection and Question: Having received their orders from God and spoken with the Hebrew people, Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh and share God’s will with him: “Let my people go!” If anyone thought this would be easy, Pharaoh immediately proved that assumption false. Not only did he say, “No way!” he also added to the Hebrew slaves’ work by requiring them to find their own straw for making bricks. When Moses shares his dismay at this outcome with God, the Almighty replies, “Great! Now Pharaoh is right where I want him. Watch what I do now!” What response would you have expected from God?

Prayer: We need not always weep and mourn, let my people go;
And wear those slavery chains forlorn, let my people go.
Go down, Moses, way down in Egypt’s land,
Tell old Pharaoh to let my people go!
(Go Down, Moses, African-American Spiritual, United Methodist Hymnal, 448)