God Delighted in Me

This meditation is based on a passage for December 2, 2010 in the Daily Lectionary Year 1 from the Book of Common Worship for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (1993).

Text: Psalm 18:1-20

Reflection and Question: The natural phenomena described in this psalm as manifestations of God are so striking. They include volcanoes, earthquakes, storms of thunder and lightening and high seas. At the very same time, the psalmist senses God as very close and caring, describing God more than once as a personal deliverer from danger and harm. Most remarkable for me is the assertion that “God delivered me, because he delighted in me.” Wow. That’s what we all want, but it’s hard for us to claim to be as worthy, righteous and clean as the psalmist says he is. On what grounds does God delight in you?

Prayer: Blessed Jesus, we thank You for clothing us in Your righteousness, for being our rock, our strength and our deliverer. We trust that we shall be saved when our cry reaches Your ears. May our lives shine with the delight You take in us. Amen.